Sunday, March 8, 2009

Agian.. I married the best man ever

I know I already talked about how great my husband is, but I need to again. Tonight Jo had asked me to paint her nails, again. She has been asking me for a week now, but between her being sick and work, and school, I just could not find 5 minutes to paint them. I guess I am a bad mom. But tonight she asked me and I said I would not have time, but I promised I would tomorrow. Then she asked Jeff, and I had to say I was a little shocked not because I think he is a bad guy but because he really does not like the smell of nail polish, he had said yes! Now I felt a couple different feelings, 1 I should go do it. 2. Okay I can not do that I have two assignments due tonight. And finally 3. My heart melted, this was the greatest thing that Jeff could have done, and the cutest, he sat there and painted her nails three different colors, and then out stars on top,and then even a quick dry top coat. Oh and the smile on Jozies face and the glow in her eyes was amazing. My husband ROCKS!!!, and I love him more and more each day.

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