Friday, May 1, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers day is nearing, and a friend of mine posted some great gift ideas in her blog, so I was inspired to add, and give some different ideas as well.
An inexpensive idea, is to pack a picnic dinner, and when the kids go to bed on Saturday, take the wife out side and have a candle light picnic on your lawn.

For the sportier type mom, send her and a girlfriend to a baseball game, on Mothers day MLB celebrates moms, and breast cancer awareness. This could get a little pricey, and if this is what you are planning to do, let her know a head of time so that she can plan on going. I would also suggest talking to one of her girlfriends and make sure that they are able to go as well.

For the green mom, a clothes drying rack, or a tree. These could go a long way if you make the day special for mom as well.

Gift certificates for pedicures, manicures, hair salons, and other pampering things are a great idea as well, but let her make the appointments, because she may have some things already planned.

These are just a few ideas.. there are many things that you could do for mom, and she would appreciate them all. Keep in mind though that, yes she probably does want to hang out with her children on Mothers day, but getting away , even on a different day, is a great way for her to hang out with a girlfriend and not feel rushed to keep a schedule or, get dinner cooked, and some girl time is always fun.

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