Friday, May 22, 2009

A Great Night

I had such a good night. Zack had a baseball practice and hit two in the park homers!!!! Then he went to his dads for the weekend. Jozie did not want to go so she stayed home. After the practice we went to get dinner. Jo and I washed our hands, and sat down to eat dinner and watch a movie. We watched a great movie, Because of Winn-Dixie. It was a great movie, I thought for sure it would be kids movie that I would just say was okay, but I was so wrong. And Dave Matthews is great in it. I have always been a big fan of Dave Matthews, so I then downloaded some of his music to my ipod, and let Jo listen to it. She loved it. She also loved Jason Mraz, and Jack Johnson. So it was a good break from the Jonas Brothers.

I had such a great night, and it was fun to sit back, after a very hard day, and just enjoy time with Jo!

I have a little advice for all parents.... Take a break, from work, school, and all other things once in a while and spend some one on one time with your children. It is great for both of you, and it truly was long overdue for me.

I am now going to make plans to have one on one time with Zack, and Tay.

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  1. We LOVE Winn Dixie here. I agree that one on one time is pertinent when you have multiple children. I also thing it's important for Mom and Dad to do.