Friday, May 29, 2009

Hard Work Does Pay Off.

It is finally here! Zack and Jozie and all the other dancers have been working so hard this year, and finally the recital is here! What a great show it will be. Watching the dress rehearsal tonight makes me realize why my children dance at Alton Dance Academy. They are great. I couldn't ask for a better dance school for my children. This is Zack's last year though, he has chosen to be done after this year. But Jozie has made GREAT progress and is totally loving every last minute of it. Watching her tonight, while she was watching the older girls, she was enamoured by them. As we were walking out she said to me "Mommy I can't wait until next year, I am going to work even harder, so that someday I can have a lead roll."

I truly hope that she sticks with this dream, because she is already a great dancer.

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  1. Awww, great pictures. That is great that she likes it so much. It's always important to have a dream.