Sunday, May 3, 2009


Now that it is baseball season, I spend 90% of my time at ball fields. I have seen and heard many things come out of a coaches mouth, and I have never really thought to much about it. However yesterday at Zack's game that changed.

Zack had a game yesterday, and since he plays little league they switch positions often. Yesterday, he was playing third base. And I must brag because he is my child, he did awesome, he caught every ball that game his way, and got them to first base with little to no struggle. Anyways.... It was his turn to bat, so he steps up to plate. Now I have to tell you a little background info, so stay with me. Zack is legally blind in his left eye. Last year he had a great coach that taught him to hit left handed. But he still is scared of the ball flying towards his face. Okay, as he standing at the plate, the pitcher threw a bad pitch , and he had to get out of the way or he was getting hit. Then the next pitch was thrown , and Zack back out of the box (because he got scared). At that point the coach form the team felt it necessary to yell to his team , and I quote " Don't worry kiddo you got this one, he is to afraid and as soon as you throw it he is gonna back out because he is being a baby, and is scared of the ball."

Now you would think that at that point the umpire would have thrown him out of the game, but no he proceeded to laugh with the coach and say "You are right, he is afraid."

Now I am the first to admit my child is afraid of the ball, but think about it, If you did not have any dimensional vision in one eye wouldn't you be a little scared of a ball flying at your face? At least he is trying. he does catch the ball and does get kids out, but just struggles in the batters box. When did it become okay for a grown man to make fun of a child? Could a MLB coach yell things about the batter and still stay in the game? I think not!

Seriously! Sir, if I as a spectator had made fun of your child I would have been kicked out of the field and most likely not have been able to go back again. As for the umpire, Really? Well as you were told you will not be umping for my child's team again, so Good Luck to you. I am a big enough person to realize you are a high school kid that did not make the baseball team. I will however give you a tip... You might not want to try to be a professional umpire.

I wish both of you men good luck because there is the saying "What goes around comes around" and if you continue to do this type of thing, you can expect that you will probably get yourself in a bad position.

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