Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strange Thoughts

A friend of mine wrote a blog post that made me laugh after reading it today, and also wonder.......What makes me awesome? She is awesome and really does have three great girls and, she takes amazing pictures. Check out her blog it is always great!
But like I said it got me thinking. I am not one to call myself awesome, in fact I spend more time looking at all the things I think are bad about myself than good. I am not one to call up a girlfriend and chat or even do a "pop in". Actually I am very shy. And lack self confidence.

But then I realized, I am a pretty cool chick.
I love my life. I have three wonderful children, a truly wonderful husband (even when he thinks he is a Dukes of Hazards star) he always makes me laugh. I love my job, and am going to school to become a teacher. Which is a life long dream of mine. I have great house.
I get to spend my summers at the pool with my children. I go to a ton of concerts. I have in the past year lost 45 lbs. and am now a size 2, and if I must say look pretty damn good! I make myself laugh, although no one else seems to understand my jokes. (Then again I am married to the funniest man in the world)

So my shyness well that just makes me, me. And now I realize I should not lack self confidence, I should be more confident I am a hot mom, with a great life.
Thanks Michele, you made me look at all the good things about me. So now you have a number 8 to add to your list of what makes you so awesome.

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