Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great Show

On Friday night Jeff and I went to see Live and Candlebox. What a great show it was. We have seen Live several times, and I had seen Candlebox once before, when I was younger.
I have to say that Candlebox put on a great show, and we got to go backstage for meet and greets with them. I know that as some rockstars get older they, well they look older and maybe should not wear the things that they wore when they were in their prime. That being said Candlebox looked GOOD! They are pretty hot, and I am not just talking one of them, I am talking the whole band. I am not a fan of the boys wearing the skinny jeans, however they can keep theirs. Wow is about all I can say for them.
Live was great too, and Ed well he was looking his usual....He is a pretty sexy man. I was very happy to be looking right at him from the front. We also had the privilege of getting meet and greets with them as well. I could not even speak when we went to have our picture taken, and get autographs. I was speechless.
Besides all the good looking men that I saw, they were all great performers as well. I love going to see Live and I am never let down when we do go.

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