Monday, June 29, 2009

Interesting Topic

On Saturday the newest Disney Channel Movie premiered. The movie was The Princess protection Program. This was a Demi Lovato movie, of who my 9 year old daughter is a fan of. After watching the movie, Jeff looked at me and said is it just me or do all these Disney movies have mean girls in them, and is this what we really want to teach our children? I did not think much of this at first, but then after thinking I realize that he is right. Is this what we want to teach our children? Jo is a big fan of all these Disney shows and at this point I am now thinking that I need to restrict some of them.
This however brings me to another question from yet another Disney icon. The Jonas Brothers. Now here are these boys that all the girls adore, they have a few albums, and they have a show on the Disney channel. They have just released a new album, on this album they have a song called Poison Ivy, in this song the chorus says "Everybody gets the itch, poison ivy, Everybody hates that _____, Poison Ivy" No they do not say the word B****, but clearly it is implied. Now I as a parent who has every Jonas Brothers song on my ipod because my child is a fan and often listens to my ipod in the car. had to take the album that she bought with her own money and edit that song to not go to my ipod or hers for that matter. Editing the album however is not my point.
Now here are these boys who main fan base still watches the Disney Channel, and is most likely under the age of 16. Not to mention the fact that no matter how much you dislike someone "hate" is a very strong word, and we do not let our children use it. And finally here are these three young men who a claiming that they are very religious, and will not have sex until marriage yet they find it okay to call a female a B****. That is wrong, under no circumstances should any male find it okay to call or even imply that a female is a B****, and I find it wrong that these roll models do so. I understand that parents are the ones in control and should let their children know right from wrong. I do not believe in censorship in most cases, but some warning for parents would be nice. Parents here about how great these boys are. I would not have thought twice about my child buying their latest album, until now. I have no problems with their past albums, but from this point in she will not be aloud to buy another one, and she is okay with that. My 9 year old is okay with that because she knows that hate is a strong feeling and should not be used lightly, and she knows that calling any female a B**** is not okay, no matter how much you dislike them. If only these great, religious boys knew that.

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