Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So this is just a rant that i have to do.
I do not get why on Earth a child is not aloud to bring sunscreen to school with them. Really what kind of weapon can you make with sunscreen, and what kind of drug can you make?
At the end of the school year the kids get a Field day. Well you better hope that it is not a hot sunny day. You can put sunscreen on at 7am but then if you send them outside at 11 and have them come in 5 minutes before they are being dismissed, well then of course they are going to get a sunburn. Then top it off with letting them play water games, and not reapply anymore sunscreen until they are already home.
So go ahead teach about how dangerous the sun is, how skin cancer is growing rapidly, how important it is that you wear sunscreen,even when you are not in the sun. Then stick them in the sun all day, and do not let them bring sunscreen and reapply as needed. Umm that really does not make since to me.

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