Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stop Please.

Tonight Zack and I had the house to ourselves with Jo being at Gramme's and Jeff took Tay to see the MTV Sunblock tour. We had fun, we ran a couple errands, and then cam home and played a couple of rounds of Guitar Hero on the Wii. Then we had dinner, and watched some TV. After we started watching Harry Potter, the Doctor Doolittle, then ended up watching a very cool shoe called Challenge on Food Network. They make very cool cakes on this show, it is very cool, you should check it out.
For dinner he wanted chicken nuggets, but after he had eaten a ton of pringels. Then I made him popcorn, and he went and got more chicken nuggets, then he had a piece of cake, then more chicken, finally at 10:41pm I had to tell him to please stop eating. I never want my children to go hungry, but this kid has not stopped eating since 6:30pm, I am not joking, he just keeps eating. I have no idea how he does it, if I were him I would be so sick right now if I ate that much food.
Other than his mass food intake, we had so much fun tonight just hanging out watching a very cool show.

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