Monday, August 31, 2009

I Did Something Right!!

Last night I took Zack to see Big and Rich. It was a pretty good show actually, a little more sexual innuendos than I would have liked considering I was with my eleven year old son, but it was still a good show. I should first start by saying that the opening band was really, really good, Luke Bryan, you should check him out. Okay, so Zack brought his own money and bought himself a Big and Rich Frisbee, that was autographed. Well during the show, Big and Rich started throwing these Frisbee's out into the crowd. Zack, had already bought one so he was not really trying to catch one. We had these girls behind us, I would say 25 years old or so, and they were hammered and screaming the whole time. However while they were throwing out these Frisbee's one of the girls behind us had almost caught one, but it bounced off her hand. So my eleven year old son dove in front of a large crowd of people, picked up the Frisbee, and turned around and gave it to the girl. She did not even say thank you, but whatever, my kid just did something so nice. I am so proud of him.
Later on during the show, Big and Rich called down the crowd, which being in the front row, can be a little stressful when you have kid with you. Now they are letting all these people down, and the girls behind us (yes the ones my kid gave the Frisbee to) pushed Zack out of the way to jump over his seat and stand in front of him. I was shocked that someone would do that to a child, never less one that gave her a Frisbee that she didn't catch.
This brings me to my title of this post. I did something right, because not only is my child thoughtful enough to grab a Frisbee from a crowd and give it to an adult, he is also the bigger person. So yes I did something right in raising my boy. I have failed at a lot of things, and am not known as doing things right, in fact I screw more things up than I ever get right. But I did get this one right, and that's pretty good if you ask me.
By the way, he did catch and keep, a pick from all three bands, a drumstick from Luke Bryan, and an ass load of praise from his mama.

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