Saturday, August 8, 2009


So I should tell everyone that Zack had a great time at the Blink 182 concert. he said that Fall out Boy and Panic at the Disco were not that good, but that Blink was awesome. I am so jealous, although I think my choice to see Social Distortion again will be a good choice. Maybe next time I will get to go see Blink 182, although I can be pretty positive that Jeff will not join me for it, since he can not stand them.
Jeff and I went and saw Social Distortion in Burlington VT and it was a great show. They are coming to NH in October, and Jeff and I are going again (this was my choice since blink is not coming back around here) I am excited for the show.
I still have to do all my school shopping for the kids. I am happy for them to be going back. I think that it is good for them to be in school, and it keeps them from getting bored.
I think that is about it from this week.

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