Monday, September 7, 2009

The End of Summer

I do not like that it is the end of summer, I wish it would stay around a little longer, and maybe even give us some summer weather. I know that we will have to start the wood stove soon,which I love (not really) it is the most smelliest, dustiest , awful thing ever, but it heats my house. A good side to winter is that we figured out that some of windows have storm windows so we will not need to plastic every window this year. (yea). Also Jeffy can ride his snowmobile, and maybe just maybe I will get a ride on it this year.

I am looking forward to another great Holiday season as well, I love the holidays, starting with Halloween (which is my favorite) I am hoping to do a fall fest party as well and combine the kids Birthday parties in there.

So with the unofficial end of summer, I look forward to a beautiful fall, and the fun of pumpkin carving, turkey cooking, and tree decorating season that is on our heels now.

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