Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Do They Make So Much $ ?

Today Jozie came home from school, and complained about not being able to breathe. I gave her 2 nebulizer treatments, and then when she complained about not feeling better, I took her to the doctors. The Dr. then sent us to the hospital again (Huggins this time not Concord) after about 10 minutes she was seen. The Dr. listen and looks at her, then asks me if she has had a fever at all. I tell him no, and he looks and listens again. Finally he starts explaining to me that some people that have H1N1 never get a fever, and that he wants to have her tested. Her instant results came back positive.

So my question is why after 4 ½ hours at Concord hospital did no one think to test or treat her for H1N1? When I asked the Dr this he said I do not know, but I would suggest you bring her here next time.

Now maybe the fact that she did not have a fever made them think that she would not have it, but maybe the fact that I do and Zack does, and that I told them this would give them a clue, but nope it didn't. Maybe then they should look at the CDC website because when listing the symptoms for H1N1 there is an asterisk next to fever, and at the bottom it says "not all cases have a fever." Do you not think any medical professional would know this?

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