Saturday, December 5, 2009


As the holidays are among us, we need to think more and more about what to give parents and siblings, as well as our children, but they are a little easier to shop for.

I fund that our parents are the hardest, because what to you get people that have everything that they want, and if they do not they will go buy it. So thanks to a friend of mine, and her creative craft ideas, or some ideas that she has found, I will making a lot of my gifts for the kids, but also the parents and siblings. Along with many of her ideas, I will also be doing the mason jar gifts. I have decided to potpourri with Christmas lights in it as well, this way they can use them as Christmas decorations or they can keep them out all year long, because as the directions in making them say, when the sent fades, you can add some fragrant oils to the jar, and it will smell nice again. I am sharing this link with you so that you can make them too if you want. I am going to potpourri but I am also going to buy the cinnamon scented pine cones and use those, because personally I love the smell of them.

Check out my friend's blog here, she has some great ideas for gifts as well.

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