Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random Stuff

I really want to paint my bathroom, but I am not suppose to paint due to my latex allergy and asthma. This made me want to try to use no VOC paint, and then I heard about milk paint, and found a few websites that gave directions on how to make your own milk paint. I thought hey I can do this. I went out and bought skim milk, and put lemon juice in it and let it sit for almost a week on my counter.
When I opened it I almost puked, it was so gross. I followed the rest of the directions, and made my very own milk paint.
The results were, it made my house smell gross, and did not paint my wall, in fact it wiped right off.
I DO NOT recommend this ( well at least making your own), buy it form the site I linked to. I do not know if it works, but it will not make your smell like rotten milk.

In our house we do not have a coffee table, and always say how we would like one. I always look at the thrift stores, but have yet to find the perfect one. This has made me think, and my thought is that I am going to make one.
I am going to go to a wood salvage store, buy some old barn wood, and make a coffee table. It will be awhile before this happens, but I will do it. Look for photos in a few months so that you can see that I did it.

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