Thursday, March 25, 2010


The reason why I have not been doing much of the blogging thing lately is well because I have three kids, a job, and go to school. Time is just not in the cards right now.
My job has recently changed from a wonderful 11 year old girl, that had become so independent to a 8 year old boy that has CP and a mouth on him, and a pretty good swing too. By the time I get home I am ready for bed.
My kids have for the most part been pretty good except one, who today when I picked him up, had badly forged his fathers name to a permission slip to go the dance tomorrow night, and bought a ticket with his lunch money. Oh and this is not the only thing that he has done. I cannot wait until 12 is over.
As far as school goes, if I could motivate a little more I would be doing a hell of a lot better.
I do however have a few good things too.
Last weekend I had a blast with my friend Michele, and actually the weekend before I did too. A little too much drinking but all and all a blast both weekends!
I also started on my dad's blocks for his Birthday, and at the same time decided that taking some pictures of Jozie at dance, and the other girls would be great to make a set of blocks for her dance teacher, for an end of the year gift. I seem to have forgotten how much work they are though, but I do enjoy doing it.
On a funny note, today was a pretty rough day at work, but when I was outside a bug flew down my shirt, and in my bra, and the only person out there with me was a 20 year old, boy or man that I work with. So as I was looking in bra, he was looking at me like I was insane. It was so funny, that I thought I should tell you all.

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