Monday, March 22, 2010


This is not for children!

I needed to do this because I thought everyone should know.

This weekend I went out with a good great friend. I met a few of her friends that she grew up with. They were so fun, I had a blast.

However one of them was a little uptight. One was also a lesbian, we will call her T. So every time T said "Pussy" or that she had a girlfriend this other girl who I will call K was saying Oh my ears, do not say that. However she did ask a lot of sexual questions, to all of us. This tells me that she may not get any at home.

Anyways I just thought that I would throw a little info in here as well. According to a survey on that they did on What Woman Want, #5 out of the top ten was to be with another woman. So there K you should really open up a little.

Okay, so anyways this chick was okay, but she really had an obsession with a high school boyfriend, and he was playing at the local bar. We went to see him, and Oh my he was UGLY! I then asked what her husband looked like and they told me the same only with blonde hair. Okay. So she pretty much hung out with him until we left, and then we went elsewhere, and guess who showed up? You got him. She was with him the rest of the night, and that was what she talked about the whole night. It was kind of funny. She had mom jeans on and shiny shoes too.

Here is my round up about K.

She is not getting enough sex.

She wants to be with a woman, but is afraid to admit it

She also wants to have sex with the high school boyfriend

And finally she is very uptight.

I do have to say though that she was friendly to me, I think she just needs to open up and be honest with herself, and she will realize that marriage and kids is not the end of the word FUN.

So Ladies, and you two know who you are there you go. I hope I did a good job. Let me know if my summary is wrong.

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  1. AWESOME!!! LOL!!! I literally laughed out loud!!