Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Busy

We had a pretty busy weekend this week. We started on Thursday when I brought Tay to her moms for the weekend. Then went to visit a great friend and her girls. Next on Friday, Zack and I spent the morning out and about, then we took a short trip to the pool, after a while we went to watch Joz in her performance for the end of dance camp. From there we headed to Jeff's softball game. Saturday the kids and I did some shopping for our Great American Backyard Camp out, then went to the next softball game. After coming home we quickly cleaned, and then our guests arrived. Jeff then took all three of our children to see Weird Al, and his good friend, and his daughter. We all then camped out! Finally this morning we went to yet another softball game, and unfortunately they lost.

*********They are a great team with wonderful team work, and great respect for the game, and their time is coming, and when it does the rest of the teams in the league will be shocked, but will be on the bottom for an extended period of time. ( Just a side note)

Needless to say my weekend was busy, busy, and now we will move into another fun filled summer week

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