Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just What I Needed

Today was a wonderful day! I went to the beach with my lovely friend Michele, and her children, and of course my children. We looked at the amazing sand sculptures and then the kids played on the beach while we sat and talked, took pictures, and watched the kids play in the ice cold water. This was exactly what was needed. I had no computer so I could not do school work, I was not sitting at the pool thinking I should be reading, and I was not sitting at home cleaning.

While I was at the beach, my amazing husband took my dad fishing, even though my dad said "No I better not." which was awesome. I am so glad that Jeff did that, it has brought tears to my eyes all night. I hate that my dad is sick, but I love that my husband is there for all of us. Plus since I was at the beach with the kids I did not feel guilty that it was Jeff's day off, and we were not here.

My trip to the beach, and knowing that Jeff was with my dad, made today a somewhat worry free day, and also gave me the rejuvenation to keep going, and brought great smiles, and pictures.

Thank you Michele for inviting us.

Thank you honey for taking my dad to do something that he loves.

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