Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Will Be Ready!

Next week I have to go back to work, and my children go back to school. After not working since June 17th I am ready, I know I say I am not, but I am because it is time for me to get back to a routine. My school year will be a little, OK I am lying a lot more difficult this year with Jeff working outside of the home, and so many hours, but a couple good blogs, and few good sites, and well I will be ready.

The first thing I am going to do is make some meals and freeze them before we all go back to school, soccer, volleyball, and dance, and then throw three birthdays in the mix.

Next I found this great idea through an email I get, a checklist place mat. Yes my kids are a little older than this, but I do have one that seems to forget what he should be doing, and one that lives in her own world, and sometimes gets a little distracted by anything.

Then I stumbled on a site that helps you deal with the chaos of sports, and school, and work, and collage. I found it through my collage that I go to, and it has some great tips.

Finally there is my 30 day challenge I am doing, which really is just working out for 20 minutes for 30 days straight, no breaks. Lucky for me though, Jeff is doing it with me, and he will not let me get away with taking a day off, and since he is joining me it makes it a little more fun. Also working out helps me sleep better, and keep my focus (okay this part is really just my imagination, but hey at least I still have one).

So Yes I will be ready for the next 183 work days, that start next Thursday.

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