Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here it is.

 The one in the sock monkey hat doing the dance, yes that is my youngest, and she did that move in every picture I tried to take of all 5 kids.

 The sock monkey hat girl (AKA Jozie) picked this pose.
 All 5 kids spent most of the day playing on this rock. Why? I have no idea.
And this is pretty much the boys faces in all the pictures.

About a month ago my mother said to me "Your sister and I decided that we were not going to make appointments for Christmas pictures, we are going to have you take them." Oh boy was my thought, cause I know that when I have taken all 5 kids, it has not been a good time, so I can only imagine what that will hold for me. None the less I was excited to do it.
The other side was I hate getting dressed up for pictures in outfits I will never wear again, with some $7.50 an hour person taking them telling me to say "cheese", so you can imagine my kids hate it even more.
I wanted to get our children being our children, and well that did not go all that well, so I will show you a few of my favorites out of the 569 photos that I took today.

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