Monday, February 21, 2011

I Have a Rant.

I go to school, and do enjoy it, but have had some issues with the school that I do go to. Like take for instance when they came out with smart phones they had an app for the iPhone only, not a windows phone, or a Blackberry. Then came the ipod touch app that they offer for students, yet still nothing for the other smart phone people. Now they have an ipad app, but you guessed it nothing for the rest of us.
Now do not get me wrong, I love apple, and have a mac. I would never go back to PC. Now there is a new program that puts your papers into APA format without you having to do anything, and you would think that with all the apple apps that they have they would have had a version for the mac, but nope they do not.
Now as I said I love Apple products. I have an old Ipod that I could not live without, I love my Mac, and well I say I would like an IPhone, I really would prefer to keep my Blackberry well because I do love, love love my Blackberry. So no I will not switch to an IPhone, but I would like to say that if a school is going to promote Apple products then your software should also promote Apple.
That is just my complaint for the week.

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