Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Sad Sight

Today I was driving down the back roads on my way home form my mothers, and I came upon a beautiful view. As I puled over to take a picture I saw a cell phone tower in top of the mountain. Then it got worse, the view was great, but everywhere I turned to get a picture of the beautiful mountains all I saw was cell towers. 4 beautiful mountain tops, all with towers.

Here is the thing though, it made me think.....We spend so much money on cell towers, and trying to make them look like trees (which by the way they don't), and all this technology, for us fast paced Americans, but what if we took half that money, saved some beautiful mountain top views, and all the other top notch technology that we have, and put it to find a cure for cancer, or what if we took the money we spend to go save other countries, and saved our own. We have people dying everyday form cancer. We also have people starving, and that have no heat, or water, and are living in cars with children.
I have a blackberry so yes I guess I am a contributor to the issue of cell towers. With that being said though if someone from blackberry came to me, and said that they would take half the money that I will spend on a phone, and cell phone bill for the rest of my life (which we know we all get an updated phone every two years) and told me that they would put it towards finding a cure for cancer, and all I would have to do is have a basic cell phone, would I do it?..........Fuck Yeah!!!!! (sorry for the f bomb mommy).
Maybe that money would have helped my dad, maybe not, but I say we look at all those cell towers, and think not only are we paying an ass load of money for our phones, what else is all this shit doing to our environment. I mean we know what nuclear power plants are doing, look at Japan, but all these technology, and what not's are gonna cost us one way or another, I say take some of this technology money, and put it to finding a cure for cancer, and I also say we save our own country that is struggling right now, instead of someone elses.

*******these are just my opinions.*******and due to cell towers I have no picture for you*******

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