Sunday, April 17, 2011

US Cellular... um No Thanks.

Let me tell you a story. In January Jeff did an advanced exchange on his phone, US Cellular than sent him a phone that did not work, so he had to do another one.
2 weeks ago in ≥†he middle of the night US Cellular shut off our cell phones,Why? They claimed Jeff did not return the bad phone. After an hour on the phone with them (which I did) they realized that yes they did receive the phone, and the DTS department did not put that information in the computer. So yep you got it they messed up. Stay with me here...

4 days ago I called because my phone keeps freezing up, the person I talked to said we could do an advanced exchange, but they needed a 10 sec, phone call from Jeff since the contract is in his name. After several days of me asking Jeff, and we all know that it takes 20 minutes to get a hold of some one, and when you work 14 hours a day, you do not have a free 20 minutes, Jeff finally called US Cellular, and they told him my phone was no longer under warranty, and that they would be willing to do an early upgrade, or I would have to pay for the software updates that my phone needs ($50.00-$500.00). Obviously we did not agree to that, nor did I want a lesser phone than what I have.  Our thoughts are we are done with these guys.
 SO tonight I called them back, and wanted to work this out, after 40 minutes I asked to speak to a supervisor, who looked into it and realized my phone, IS in fact still under warranty. But we again need Jeff to call so he can authorize the advanced exchange. Bull shit, he already tried to and no one put that in the notes, and he is frustrated, as am I then talked to another supervisor, and he was a JERK, he said to me, that he needed to talk to Jeff, and I explained to him, well I tried to but he kept talking over me. Finally I asked him to stop talking over me, and let me explain, and his words were, "Um Miss you are wasting, my time, I have been talking to you for 15 minutes, and you do not understand." I then explained that he was not letting me speak, so he finally did, then again said to me "Miss you are wasting my time, I will only do this if you get what you say is your husband on the phone." I said "Sr my husband is not going to talk to you right now, he is sleeping, and he is done with you guys, and your screw ups."
His next words were " Miss I am sorry, I see you have been customers for a long time, and we value our customers, but I cannot help you, because you are not cooperating, and letting me talk to your husband, who is the account holder. Actually Miss I am no longer going to waste my time with you because you are not an account holder with US Cellular, Jeff is though, and we value or customers." "Oh and Miss you should know if you cancel a contract you are liable for fee's"
Me" Sir I am not a customer, is what you just told me so clearly you value your customers, and their families, and as far as an early contract cancellation fee, I do not have one with you remember, so yes I can clearly see that you value your customers, and their families business, thank you, and have a wonderful evening"
And that was a Supervisor. Hmmm. Clearly you can all see how much they value their customers. 

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