Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I Do Not Understand

I get that there are always new trends, and fads that some of us love or hate, take for instance the while Ugg's trend. At first I hated it, and then I was given a pair as a gift form my parents, and let me just tell you... They are the best freakin things ever, They are warm, and so comfortable, and I love them. That being said I do not wear them in the summer when it is 90 degrees out.
So moving on,, here is what I do not understand.....The whole friggin zombie fad. It drives me crazy. I listen to high school kids all day long talk about zombie attacks, and how cool Zombies are. Then I listen to teachers talk about how they will survive the zombie attack. Only to come home, and here my own teenage boy talk to me about zombies, and how they are going to attack, and then I came across a blog, and do you know what the post for the day was? You got it... Zombies.. Well the anatomy of a zombie to be exact. I do not get it. I do not watch "The Walking Dead", nor do I care to, but clearly Zombies are coming to get us, and only the people that know all about Zombies will survive.
Really. So please feel free to enlighten me on this new trend, but I have to tell you, I am most likely not going to love this new trend, like I do my Ugg's 

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