Monday, January 27, 2014

Cloth Diapers

Yes I use cloth diapers! There are many reasons that I use cloth diapers, and yes the environment is one of them, but also let's be honest a box of diapers is so expensive!
I also have found that my little princess has a real problem with that blue stuff that is in some of the pampers now. She always gets a diaper rash with them. While I love the pampers swaddlers for when we are out and about, and that is what she will use at daycare, I find that the rest of the disposable diaper world is not for us.
I have tried organic disposable, and chemical free ones as well but I would rather do a load of laundry a day ann stick with the cloth.
Cloth diapers are far different from when I was a kid, and now you can even get disposable liners which are great. They are far more fashionable too! I highly recommend trying these if you have a baby, or give them as a shower gift if you know someone who is having a baby!
Thus welcome to my little cloth diaper world!

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  1. hello world, all I have to say about cloth diapers is (HELL TO THE NO)! My grandbaby will make anyone never pick up a cloth diaper again in life. He loads it to capacity.