Saturday, February 21, 2009

Enjoy and embrace your family time.

I was sitting at home today, and thinking another day at home and nothing to do. How boring.

Tonight, however I realized that I had a great day. I set out this morning to get my assignment for school done today. I didn't because as I went back to the syllabus and saw that I had the wrong book. Oh no class starts this week! Then I went and worked out because I had set a goal to work out M-F this past week, after achieving the goal I did not want to stop. Took a shower, made lunch, and hung out on the coach almost the whole day with Jo, because she does not feel well. I then went to the store, rented two movies, and cooked dinner for me and the kids. I also had to start the fire which was interesting. I filled the house with smoke, and could not get the stupid thing going. Finally I got it, then I made (for the first time ever rice crispy treats) they are not so bad either. I again hung out on the couch with Zack and Jo (until she fell a sleep.)

I was thinking earlier this evening.... I did nothing today how disappointing, then I realized that days like this NEVER happen. And I enjoyed every second of it.......I will probably regret it tomorrow when I have a million things to do but oh well, I enjoyed it and loved every minute of the day.

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