Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Older I Get,

I realized today that I was getting old. Last night Jeff and I went to a see Motley Crue with Wendy and Mike. We had a great time, we all had a few beers and listened to the opening bands. Then Motley Crue came in and rocked the stage. They played a mix of old crue and some of their new stuff. I personally did not know anything off their new album. Anyways,after the show we wanted to go have a beer at a bar, unfortunately the two bars we went to at 11:30pm were closed, in some ways though I find that to be good thing now. So at about 12:30 we got back to Wendy and Mike's house, talked for a while, and headed home. We got home at around 2:30am and I was starving so I grabbed a quick bite to eat. Finally at about 3:30am we went to bed. My alarm started going off at 5:15am for work. That is less than two hours of sleep!
So know at 8:30pm ET I since Tuesday morning at 5am have had a less than two hour nap. I felt awful all day today, and still do.
When I was in my twenties I did this stuff all the time. Now my body aches, I feel sick, I am emotional and I am trying so hard to finish school work, this and wait for the kids to go to bed so I can go to bed.I feel so old it is nit even funny. At 34 I can not even pull all nighters anymore.

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