Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Lets Go Murpheys...."

Our annual St Patrick's day weekend is now coming to and end. On Friday Jeff an hung out with Colby and Michele, and had a blast.
On Saturday we went to the Murphys!!! This year the show was at the House of Blues in Boston which is the old Avalon, and not much has changed, they removed a couple of things added two upper levels, and a 2nd ladies room (Yeah). Other than that it was still the same old sweaty stinky Avalon. And that is what made the show even better!!!! It was a great show, and all had a great time. Mike and Wendy came and it was Mikes Birthday, Jeff and I, and then TJ and his girlfriend Tam. We started with dinner and beers at BeerWorks, then went to the show, The opening band that we saw was Reach the Sky, and they were great, then the Murphys came on at about 10 and played until 12:15. Jeff and Mike went up front, and TJ tried but he has gotten old apparently because he hung out with the ladies. The only bad thing about the whole night was the fact that we were missing two people from the group. Summer had to work. and Timmy has moved. We really missed them and talked about them most of the night. We wish you guys had been there, but we know how it is. I did not go last year and was determined to not miss another Murpheys show again.
The show Rocked and hanging out with good friends rocked as well. TJ.. Your girlfriend is great and Jeff and I really like her, she is a really cool chick. Be good to her.
For those of you who were not there we missed you, and love you.

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