Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Men Really Think.

I am a big beleiver in that you learn something new everyday, but today I not only learned something new, I learned how men really feel about woman, well at least according to one of my classmates.
I log onto my class almost every night to keep up and make sure that I answer all of the discussion questions that get posted. Yesterday when I logged on we had a new discussion question about hormones and stress. So I posted my response. Well today when I went to check in I saw that there were new posts, so I looked, and one of the men in the class had talked about how weight loss is much easier for men, because they have more muscle tone then woman, and how womens hormons make them crazy, and all they can do for 3 days once a month is lay in bed crying and eating chocolate, and then complain that they ave gained weight. He also said that he has had a hard time finding any female to debate him on that. Ok Then.
I will only somewhat debate him clearly because he is ignorant to the fact that he is in a class with 48 people and only two of them are males. But I did have to tell him a few things.....and here is what I responded with,
You clearly have not been around a female that has a job or children, the last thing I do once a month is lie in bed crying and eating chocolate. The crazy part ok you got me. But let me tell you first off if I even buy chocolate before I can eat it one of three children has found and devoured it. I have to admit that although that sounds like a mini vacation, when I find time to that maybe I could use that time to go to the bathroom in peace, my kids do not allow me to do that so I am sure that they would not allow me to lie in bed with chocolate either.So _____ between those two pieces of information and the two dance classes, soccer pratices, doctor visits, hospital stays, a full time job, making dinner, working out(so I can keep my weight down becasue it is harder for me to do then you), and a husband, pleasae let me know when my three days come because I could sure use a break. Oh and by the way that was the biggest Jackass comment I have ever read.
To make it all better it was a response to me. And all my response to the question was ...Professor, I am not sure how but I do think that hormones and stress are connected, I will research that and get back to you tomorrow

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