Friday, April 17, 2009

A Few Things..

This week I plan on totally evacuating Jo's room, due to the fact that the child has more stuff than any child I know(including the other two that live here) most of it being clothes, and clothes that still fit her because she is not a fast grower.

This is a funny random thing that I heard today... A woman that I work with was talking about when her son was born he had some medical problems, and had to spend some time at the hospital, but one of the things that the doctor had told her was that he may not be eating much because he was early, and that he is a boy, an sometimes they need to teach boys how to suck on the nipple. Now the funny part is that another woman stood up and said "And after you teach them how, they never forget!" I found that comment funny, and thought I would share. Although it is probably one of those things you need to be there for.

Baseball is in full swing, and that means our schedules just got tighter!! Between Zack, Tay, and Jeff coaching and playing we have hectic schedules. That being said however it is also a great time to watch all of them play ball, and I am going to try not get stressed out about the chaos.

And last but not least.....All three of my children made the honor roll this term!!!! Tay got high honors, while Zack and Jo got A-B honor roll!! Great Job Kids, I am very proud of you!!!

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