Friday, May 8, 2009

Bad wife

I have to be the worst wife ever. I did not manage to make a post for Jeff's Birthday until 10:30pm the night of his Birthday. I never had the time to go get him a really cool gift. I ended up just getting him a $25 itunes gift card. And every year I ask him what he wants and he doesn't ever tell me anything, but when he asks me what I want I don't tell him either, but I always get something really cool.
I have to say that I feel like the biggest jerk of all. I always think OK this year I am going to to do it. I will get him the coolest gift ever. But no again this year I flopped. I get so involved with everything else that is going on that I end up waiting until the last minute and screwing up, instead of shocking him with a cool gift.
My husband gives me everything that I want, and makes sure that I get the neatest gifts from him and the kids. He takes care of me so much. There is nothing that he would not do for me.
I am the biggest jerk ever.
I am so sorry honey.

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