Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Few Things

I have a few things that I wanted to post about today. So here goes.
A. I have an issue with the parents of spilt homes, demanding their child go over to their house.
For example, my youngest child cannot stand going to her dad's house. She does not hate him She has been able to choose not to go there since Christmas. Not this weekend... He called and told her that she absolutely had to go there, whether she wanted to or not. After crying for about an hour, missing 90% of her ballet class, and pretty much being Miserable for the rest of the week. She left here in tears last night. I feel horrible that there was nothing I could do , but watch my 9 year old leave crying and sad. So my Mothers Day weekend has started out GREAT!

B. The Red Sox have yet to loose against the Yankees!!!!! That might have something to do with the Yankees inability to use performance enhancing drugs. Oh wait I have to apologize. I have reminded my self that the Yankees have not won a world series yet in the 21st century! So I guess the point has been made The Yankees truly do suck!

C Another point has been proven this week Manny is a Jackass!!! Good Luck to him

D Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there.

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