Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Enough For Me!

I remembered as I was driving home form the grocery store tonight, that I had to start my new Math class today. This means that my avoidance to log onto the school website and get my final grade for my last Math class could no longer continue. So at about 10:00 tonight I had to bite the bullet, and look at my grade. I did it though, I passed!!!! My final grade was only a 70, but hell that was good enough for me, it is a C so I am not complaining. Now if I can only get a better grade in this one, then I will be done Math. Well at least for a little while anyways. But do you know what this means? In one of my older post's I had asked Jeff is I passed my Math class would I get a prize? And he said I would! So I get a prize!!!!!!
I also wanted to note that it was a beautiful day today! This picture is a tree about a week ago from my back yard. Now it is fully covered in bright green leaves.


  1. I dont know I think he is ignoring my blog. Maybe he will just send me flowers.