Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Random Thoughts

I have complied my random thinking and here it is.

Yesterday my Jeff shocked me by saying he totally does not understand how people can drink Sam Adams beer. What? Who does not like Sam's?

I have had enough of the Jonas Brothers to last me a lifetime. Between Jo and the kids at work, all I hear about is the Jonas Brothers. I don't get it they are not even cute. They are dorky looking, and they are not extremely talented either. Besides if you take your kid to see them you will not hear them anyways because of all the screaming girls. Yes I know from experience.

My garden is done, and vegetables are planted. My flower garden have been weeded, new mulch has been laid down, and any new plants/flowers have been planted.

Lastly, I start a new math class on Tuesday, and am trying to stay ahead by getting all of my week one stuff done before Tuesday. I ended up passing the first class, but I only got a 70% so I guess my earlier prediction of being lucky to get a 70%. That means that my earlier prediction was right, and I would be lucky to get a 70. I am hoping that I do better on this class.

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see the flowers... I need to make a trip to your house soon.

    He doesn't like Sam Adams??? But he will drink the swill from my keg??? Men!

    Good luck in math class #2. Just think, any class after this will feel like cake.