Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gift Ideas, For Dads

With Fathers Day approaching, I thought that I would give you all some ideas for giving the right gift.
Jeff is a great dad. That was one of the many things that made me know he was the one I wanted to marry. That being said though, he is very hard to buy for. He never gives me any ideas, and he is the best gift giver I have ever met. This is why I wanted to give you all some ideas, in case you are in the same boat as I am.
Monkey Trunks is great idea that the whole family could enjoy. They have Zip lines and rope courses.
This is really cool, you can give a gift basket of Micro Brewed Beer! You can even give a membership to the Beer of the month club. I would love to get Jeff this but they do not have a High Life basket.
Now you can go with this Ticket Stub Diary, and at the same time click on my Tickets From The link and buy him great tickets for any upcoming show. He will get to go to a great show with awesome seats and put his ticket stub in his new Ticket Stub Diary.
For the men that like to read, books are always good, and this Joe Torre book is a book that every baseball fan should read. Whether your a Red Sox fans or not, I recommend this book.
And finally, the LP Coasters, for the rock star, and green husband all in one. I love these. What a great idea. You could even try to make your own if you really wanted to save money.

That's it for the gift ideas. I hope that this helps you all a little.

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