Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

OK, I know that it is Thirsty Thursday, so grab a beer, or glass of wine, and sit back, and read about my week.

Wow! Monday started off with a visit to the neurologist for Jo, and all is well! WOO HOO! Then on Monday evening Zack had his first playoff game for baseball. This meant that if they win they go on and if they lose they are done until next year. Now Zack has been on the WORST team this year, they won a total of 1 game all season. So I thought good it is almost over. Wrong, they played great and finally came together as a team, and they won 12-5.

Tuesday, there really is not much to report. Jo had dance , and that was about it.

Wednesday, Jo had a field trip to the Isles of Shoals. I went, last year with Zack, so I went this year with Jo. This is a great trip. Only not so much on a bad weather day. The boat rocked so much, I was so sick. I was sick all the way out to the Islands. Then while out there we saw 4 whales. I started feeling better, and it even got a little bit warmer. The ride back to shore was not bad. Once we got home I took a nap, and then had to take her to dance, and Zack to the next playoff game. Jo ended up getting a private ballet class, because nobody else showed up.

The boys played GREAT, but sadly they lost. So our baseball season is over. Although happy to be running less, sad to see it end.

And that brings us to today. Today I went on a field trip to Boston, and we walked The Freedom Trail. What a great time we had. The Freedom Trail is so much fun. I have done this twice with school, and a few times on my own. I love it. I think that my love for this stems form my love of history. If you have not walked The Freedom Trail, you should. Take the kids for the day and enjoy learning some great things about the city of Boston. I know that I want to take Jeff, I do not think that he has been before, and maybe he would like the city more after.
The First picture is of a light house from The Isles of Shoals.
The Second picture is of a grave stone in an old grave yard we visited while on The Freedom Trail.


  1. I want to take the kids on the Freedom Trail soon, we have never been. Maybe you guys would be up to going again???

  2. I would. It is one of my favorite things to do.