Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Amazing 9 Year old.

I have met one of the most amazing children in the world.
A few years ago a friend of mine had her two nephews and her niece over for a week during the summer. When we went over to visit my children had instantly become friends with them. Between my friends daughters and my kids, and the three other children they all played and had a great time. Now every time they are here we make it a point to go visit them. All three of them are great children, but her niece is the amazing child.
Back in May she went for a regular physical to attend a camp this summer. While there her doctor found a tumor behind her eye, and immediately sent her to an eye doctor. When she was at the eye doctors, they told her grandmother that she needed to go to Boston that day. Her mother at the time was on a field trip with one of her brothers in Boston. She drove home to get her daughter and then back to Boston. Once in Boston after running some test they found that she had a cancerous tumor. They told her that they will need to do surgery and remove her eye. I can't even imagine what would go through a nine year old girls head, when the doctor tells her that they need to remove her eye. Due to a rare cancerous tumor.
In June she had her eye removed, and the cancerous tumor as well.
After several tests that follow the surgery, yesterday she went back to see if she was clear of cancer. SHE IS!!!!
The reason why I find this child amazing is because when we saw her yesterday, other than the obvious no eye, you would never know that this child just fought a battle with cancer. She is happy and playful, and has no self esteem issue what so ever! She will be getting a glass eye, but found out yesterday at the doctors that it will not be in until late September or early October. She will have to start school with no eye. When her Aunt (my friend) asked her how she felt about that, she said "Whatever, I am still the same kid, besides I can gross out all the kids, when I suddenly get an eye" and was laughing uncontrollably. Yesterday she also found out that she will be able to go to summer camp, next week. I have never seen three little girls so happy!!
That is what makes her an amazing child.

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