Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fairy Houses

Today I had a great idea to build fairy houses with the kids, even if it was raining. So I told Zack and Jo about it on the way to summer school. I came home did a couple google image searches, worked out and then went to get them.
Once I got back I told Tay about it, and then told them to get their chores done, and we get started. Then the rain started too, and Zack decided he didn't want to make one, then Tay said the same thing. So off Jozie and I went, we got all the supplies and started building. It was so fun. We were wet and muddy by the time we were back in the house and not to mention itchy (due to allergies.) This is the first time I have ever built Fairy houses, but it will not be the last. Keep in mind when looking at the pictures that it was our first time.

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  1. Jozie would probably love Mackworth Island in Maine. Thats where I took the girls Sunday. There are so many cute little houses, they had a blast. I'll put up some photos soon. I love the house with the A frame... very cute.