Monday, July 6, 2009

Random Post

I have not been blogging much at all lately, and thought that I would just let you know what has been happening.
I am now taking a writing course which is going okay so far, at least I think it is. It is far better than math anyways.
Summer is in full swing even though it has been raining so much, it is still summer. I love summer because on the nice days I can sit at the pool with the kids. We have only gotten to the pool twice so far, but we have been doing other things.
Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary. I am so happy that I found Jeff, and he was willing to marry me, because I am a pain in the ass! I have no issue admitting it. That being said though I still think that we the most amazing marriage in the world.
Tomorrow the kids also start summer school, which they are a little unhappy about but it is only a month, and they will be fine when it is done.
I think that about rounds it all up.

I Love you Jeff , Happy Anniversary.

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