Friday, July 10, 2009

Cheating, or not cheating.....NOT

UPDATE!!! I have recently reread this little article and wanted to let you know that it was 84% of woman that did not think a lap dance was cheating. Clearly the Glamour lady is very insecure.

So today I was sitting at dance, waiting for Joz, reading Glamour magazine. As I was reading the magazine I came upon a little paragraph survey results type thing. The survey was that (and I cannot remember the exact number but) it was either 50% or 80% of woman surveyed did NOT think that if their man got a lap dance from a stripper it was cheating. The person writing this then went on to say how ridiculous this was, and that it was absolutely cheating.

Now here is my two cents, I find this insane! This is the reason why so many woman are insecure and now think that their man is cheating. Lady from Glamour or man whatever..SHUT UP! Who are you to say that these woman should think that it is wrong? If a woman has a problem with her man going to a strip club, then she should communicate with her man. Other than that really? I mean come on now. First of all if your man goes to a strip club and gets a lap dance, he can not touch the stripper, and if he can then it is not a strip club that anyone should go to anyway, and he is most likely doing more than just getting lap dances. Second he is coming home to you, wanting you. So where is the problem? Third... In all honesty there is nothing sexier than a woman's body!!! Join your man at the strip club, get your own lap dance. There are many woman out there that feel the same way. Enjoy your man for who he is. Enjoy the human body. We are so stuck in the thinking that being naked and sexy is wrong, and it is not.

Finally if you do think that it is cheating if your husband gets a lap dance, then there are bigger trust issues in your relationship.

Enjoy being who you truly are, and who your man really is. Stop finding "sexy" wrong, and just have fun, life is to short. And if your man does cheat on you, well that's a different issue all together.

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  1. I agree. It's that same insecurity that causes women to get angry when their husband looks at other women. Really? You expect his human tendencies to just shut off when the wedding ring goes on? Get a grip and keep yourself attractive so he'll always come home to you.Don't let yourself get all fat and frumpy and then complain that he looks at hot chicks.