Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things I Didn't Understand...and Don't Know if I Ever Will

I was having a hard time today trying to figure out how to word this post, and I am not sure that I have figured it out, but here goes.

I don't get the whole mom at the library in sweats with her children dressed to the nines. If you are going to dress your children in nice outfits with matching shoes, and jackets, and bags, then why do you not do the same? If you have enough money to buy your children all the accessories then I would hope that you have enough money to buy yourself some decent clothes. My suggestion would be that if you can not afford anything but sweats for yourself, you start by cutting the matching accessories.

I don't understand why when a couple gets married everything changes. Let me start this by just saying that I am not talking about my husband, as I will go into detail later When you first start dating someone you can tell if they are going to be somebody that you get along with and could see yourself with. You know that cool chick or guy that lets you be you, and makes themselves look good for you, and just truly enjoys being around you, because you are you. Then you take that big step and make the commitment, and all is good. Next the wedding, and then all of a sudden a light goes out. Suddenly they get up in the morning and go, there is never an attempt to look good anymore, or be that person that you really want to be around, they complain about everything you do, and how you do it. I don't get it. What happens? Almost everyday I get up and at least try to make myself look good for my husband (as well as myself), I do my hair, a little makeup, I workout, and I try to put on decent clothes. When I started dating Jeff I always made sure that I did this if I was going to see him, why would I stop now. Adding to that though my husband tells me at least once a day how pretty I am. Even on my not so good days, hell he even did this when I was 45lbs, heavier, and I did not look good. (but I did try). I always see people and I think....did you look like that before you got married, or did you wear your sweats when you went shopping while you were dating? This goes both ways too.

I am not saying that everyone should not be who they are or try to be something that they are not. I just don't understand why some people don't do these things even when they are dating. O my first date with my husband he told me that I looked really pretty, and he has told me this everyday since...no word of a lie, he really does tell me at least once a day. What I do not understand is why to people stop doing these types of things after they are married? I know that these things are not important, and they really are not to me either, I have just always wondered why.

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