Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Waiting

I love Halloween! It is one of my favorite Holidays. I have yet to have time to decorate my house, but that is coming this weekend, and the good thing is that since Jeff and I both really like skulls, they are almost always up in my house, and I never really have to decorate all that much.
That being said though, I will move on.
This year for costumes for my children I did not have to spend a ton of money. I am really excited about this, not only for the money saving but for th fact that my children are not going with the store bought Halloween costumes, and it was their idea, not mine. Zack's costume was pretty easy, I had to buy a plastic hockey mask(like Jason) and a knife/saw type weapon, as he is going as the Texas Chainsaw dude. The reality is though he will not wear the mask because he will end up being scared of himself. Mattea is going as a nerd, this also worked out well and I only had to buy her "nerd glasses" Zack had a few fannel shirts so she is going to use one of his, and since Jo is shorter she is going to borrow a pair of her jeans. Jozie is going as Allie Finkle, who is a character form a book series that she has been reading, and ultimatley is very much like Jozie. I did have to buy her a shirt that looked like Allies, and some tights, and my mom bought her a pair of cowboy boots (she had a pair but they didn't fit her). I am so excited because I am happy that in these days where vidoe games, and tv take over so many kids imagination, and all the little girls will go as Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez, and the boys will go as spongbob, or Ninja turtles, that my children made up their own costumes and without me even saying, "no, I will not spend $29.99 on a costume that you will never wear again."
I also very much enjoy seeing all the kids dressed up, and saying "trick-or-treat" and walking in the cool crisp fall night air with my family.
I know that it is a little early, but Happy Halloween, and enjoy the night with your family.

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