Friday, October 16, 2009

Always A Great Show.

Last night Jeff and I went and saw Social Distortion. I would say that this is about our 6th time seeing them and 2nd time on this tour. They had two opening bands, One of which we saw them with in Burlingtonb VT  The Strangers, both Jeff and I like them, but last night I realized that I REALLY like them, click on their name nad check them out. The other band was Middle Class Rut (they played first) and I have to say that for two guys, the were good, and the drummer was amazing. Going to see Social Distortion is just an obvious concert that we go to if they come around. They are great, and they always have a great show. Next time thay are in your area, or any of these three bands are, check them out. Punk Rock is one of those music genres that never gets too far or ends with the Green Day type music (which do not get me wrong I like Green Day). So click on the links, and maybe even head out to see them if they are headed your way. You won't be let down!

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