Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Should Be Good!

My next class should be very interesting, it is Theories of communication. I will find this interesting because I am generally told that I am not a good communicator. I also do not think that I communicate well, but I also am very shy, and more often than not people think that I am either weird or too sensitive, or being dramatic. I am a pretty sensitive person, and do not have the ability to let people in until after I know them pretty well. I and very, very shy, and have a background that is pretty much based on a lack of being able to trust people. Although over the past few years this has changed, but I think, well in fact based on the book that I have read for my next class, communication is largely based on past experiences, and ways of communicating. I am really trying to be better at communicating, and I no longer have trust issues, as I can trust Jeff and my family, I just communicate differently and more often than not, not very intelligently either, so this should be good, and helpful, I would think for me. However I also see this as being very difficult, because I do have such a problem with my shyness and I can see this being a LARGE barrier that I will have to overcome.

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