Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do You Have to Have A Talent?

As I sit here in my living room on a rainy Saturday afternoon, watching Poltergeists (which by the way is the reason why I HATE clowns or any other mask wearing character) I am thinking, "I don't have a something that I am good at" Now let me just say that this is not a negative post in any way.

Okay so I don't have any hidden talent or anything that I do extremely well, like for instance my sister can make a cake like no one I know.

This was my wedding cake.

My friends all either scrapbook, or sew , or knit, or can do all of these things, and build things and write amazing blogs such as this one (by the way Michele thanks again for the birthday hint) My mother is my mother and the fact that she got me here at the age of almost 35 is her talent, because let me tell you I was hell on wheels as a child. My Father can fix anything that you put in front of him (Yes really). My husband has many talents he is very very organized, he is almost all the time level headed. He is very smart, and yes he is very funny, oh yeah and he is always right ( which truthfully 95% of the time he is).

But I don't do any of things, I do try but they usually never end successfully. I am not organized; in fact I am probably the most disorganized person in the world. I can play pretty much any musical instrument, but I don't anymore. Which brings me here, even though I don't have a talent or ability that stands out to me as a hobby or something that I could be doing in my free time (What!? I do not have free time) I have come to the acceptance that, not having these things is MY TALENT nope, I can't make you a scrapbook or build you really anything, and I won't be the one to call if you need a cool looking cake like my wedding cake, but I know who can and I will give her number. And no I am not going to be an organized person (I will try) but I won't lie to you tell you that I will be successful at it. I am me! I cant and really have no desire to do a lot of these particular things (except blog, because I knda like it) But I don't need a talent. So if you're like me and you are just you, trying hard to raise three kids (two preteens that know everything and their parents are always wrong) and on 10 year old who if you ask will tell ya she IS a princess. A woman who has an amazing husband that without she would never know where anything is or how to balance a check book. That has two very caring and loving parents who should be praised all the time because either they didn't kill you, or you didn't kill them with nerves and stress of raising you as a child. Or if you have any one of those talents. Equal is what we are. The true only thing that matters is that YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON INSIDE AND OUT!

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