Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Birthday Present

My husband gave me a tattoo for my birthday this year (well money in a card to get a tattoo). So last night I went to get my tattoo, and I did so with my great friend Michele. We both got tattoos, and they are on our wrist's. Michele got a beautiful text that says live simple, and three butterflies to symbolize her three girls. I got Sick Girl, in a totally rock star style text with three stars around it to symbolize my three children.

Now I know you are all saying why "Sick Girl", well when Jeff and I got married we wanted to get tattoo's instead of rings, however that just did not happen. After talking about more and finding out that a lot of people would not put tattoos on our fingers, I said whatever we decide on I will put on the inside of my wrist. Well then the decision was made he would get Sick Boy, and I would Sick Girl. We decided this because we are rock stars, one of our favorite bands is Social Distortion, and because we could. When I say we are rock stars, for those of you who know us on a personal level know what I mean, and if you don't well you should because we are pretty cool people. Yes those of you who got here because of my great friend Michele, I did almost pass out, I did turn green, and I did not feel well for a few minutes, and yes I did the same thing when I got home, and had to lay on the couch. It is okay though, it is just who I am. Needless to say, I love my tattoo, and I love Michele's too.

Doug (Bona Fide Tattoo) did an amazing job, and he had the text ready for us to look at when we got there, we did not pick it out before hand, and let me tell you he did a great job. His music was a little less desirable, but then again I would not want to listen to Dave Matthews (who I do like) while getting a tattoo, the louder the better in my view. His humor was very similar to Jeff and Colby's so it really was not that funny, but like them he thought it was, but all and all he was awesome, and is a true artist, and when I get another one, which I will, I will go back to him. Oh and he held my feet up when I thought I was going to pass out and he gave me a jolly rancher, and I thank him for that.

So here is a picture of my tattoo, I do not have one of Michele's as she had the camera but click over to her blog and there are some there http://www.ayummymommy.com/

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  1. It really is gorgeous- even better now that it is all clean and pretty. I can't stop looking at mine... and now... I want MORE!!!