Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just My Opinion

Seeing that New Moon came out this weekend, I thought that I just give my opinion about it. I do not like the Twilight series nor did I like it several years ago when it first came out. I do not care to see the movies, and I do not think Edward is in any way good looking, okay I will give you the Werewolf he is cute. I also think that since the first movie that both Edward and Bella look like the biggest drug addicts I have seen, and I do not like the fact that my children, and my students look at these people all the time.

Anyways, I did not want to go off on a big tangent about the whole Twilight thing, I just want to give my opinion on a great series of Fantasy type books that are somewhat similar. These books however do not follow the vampire craze, and I do think they are making movies for them, so you should read them first. Also you will not have embarrassing moments if you read them with your children, and my kids love them. They are the Percy Jackson series from Rick Riordan, and they are great. I started reading them to my 12 year old son, but we only get to read a chapter a night, and I really wanted to know what happened so now I have all of the books downloaded onto my ipod, and listen to them on my way to work every day. I love these books about a demigod boy, who is the son of the God Poseidon. I must tell you they peak my interest because I love the Greek Mythology, but then I just really liked the stories as well.

So check these books out, and let me know what you or your children think.

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