Saturday, November 21, 2009

They Really Hide That?

Tonight I had a friend that came out with her girls, and had a beer with me. While we were sitting there, she told me something that made me thinkl, If they are really hidding something so small what else do they I hide that I should know. The people that are hiding this are our local Hannaford supermarket, and I never knew this ( after shopping there for almost 5 years now) If you spend $25, you can get a magazine that has all kinds of receipes and information about certain foods, that retails at the price of $4.00. They will give you this for free too, and every month it is a new one.
Now I have spent a lot of money at hannaford and never had a clue about this, but now I know, and you best beileve that the next time I shop there I will make sure that my total is $25.01, just so I can get this magazine. I am shocked that they would not tell their customers this, but they do not.

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